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Social Distancing not Social Isolation

There is a significant difference between “social distance” and “social isolation”. Social distancing is about avoiding crowds, staying mindful of public places and keeping physical space between one another. It is not social isolation which is disconnection and withdrawing from others.

We are humans, a social species who depend on connection and relationship to survive - yet alone thrive. Without relationships we flounder.

Fear can make us feel like retreating and motivate us to hide. But we are biologically programmed for connection and belonging.

Keep your connections alive and flourishing during these uncertain times. For those you can’t see in person call them. For those you are in proximity with spend meaningful, purposeful and focused time with them. Consider the community - maybe buy your neighbours groceries (and leave them outside) if they are in isolation. Make a philanthropic donation. Consider ways to make an impact that is meaningful to you.

We may need each other more now than ever. Your health, and the health of others depends on it.

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