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Make the Cookies

While among the Covid-19 madness it seems many of us are cooking, baking and yes, eating; finding comfort in both food and the art of creation.

My grandmother’s circa 1930 and post war cook books and my mother’s 1970’s versions pictured here. I see their handwriting and recall the memories of many of these recipes. Holidays and everyday cooking through good times and lean.

It’s easy to think we are experiencing something unique these days but truth be told as human kind we’ve been through much tougher times before. Depressions. Disease. Famine. War times. Interment camps. Immigration. Recessions. Racism and exclusion.

We have the genetics of survivors and overcomers.

Our history and lineage lined with warriors and innovators. When this is over and a new day begins, our recipe books will be our photos and posts.

So make the cookies, enjoy and consider the future and your footprint - but maybe make a modern dedication (see second photo for a hint).

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