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Choose Compassion and Kindness Over Judgement and Shame

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Today I’m urging us all to choose compassion and kindness over judgement and shame.

I’m reading with great sadness the public shaming and judgment that seems to be spreading faster than the virus itself. Righteousness and self indignation being held tight like a life preserver in a shipwreck. That’s emotional “armouring up” in action.

Words like “Covid-idiots” and defeating negativity spreading like wildfire. A positive comment instantly quashed by fear. We will all deal with this terrible time differently - there is no map for this terrain.

Do your part and support others. Encourage others with kindness.

Nothing, ever, is gained in panic and fear especially when laced with contempt for others who are also afraid. Let’s look at one another with the lens that they too are likely doing the best they can with what they have.

We need to keep doing our part (#stayhome) and lessons will be learned along the way. We will ALL make mistakes. We need one another more than other. Social shame and negativity will not keep us connected but separate us further.

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